Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I went back to the campus to have my clearances signed and one third year student asked how it felt to graduate. I replied, “Free!”

It’s summer and the heat is oppressive and I don’t know what to write…

I am now jogging. I gained a lot of weight from stress and now I am trying to lose weight. I switched from walking every afternoon to jogging (or is trotting) every morning with the hope that it will lessen the fats in my belly at the same time train my body clock to wake up and sleep early. I am now adjusting so that when I start working I will not have difficulty with my schedule.

I am not blogging that much. Maybe it’s because I haven’t that much things to let out or purge.

I had some chats with my church mates and we were talking about the kids’ camp when the conversation suddenly turned to English. I am a little (or a lot) insecure about the subject since I am not good with grammar. We were talking, murdering other people’s English (I was talking to an editor and the other is a call center agent; both are proficient in English while I am only good at identifying parts of a sentence.). We were laughing. I was thinking, I hope they don’t read my blog because here I am laughing with the experts while both my written and oral English is a classic textbook exercise for copyreaders and speech therapist. But I don’t care we were having fun and that’s what counts. (At the expense of other people of course…)

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