Saturday, March 29, 2008

Yeheeyyyy! What's next?

With my wife Myra and daughter Jesse Faith

After four years of studying and laboring I finally received my college diploma. I am happy because I know this is what my family prayed hard for and God has heard their prayers and my prayer too. Thank you Lord.

With the Mommies of the class (this their second college degree)

Four years ago my Diche (younger older sister) invited me to attend summer theological classes at the Baptist Seminary. I had doubts if I could pass the course because judging from the theological literatures I have read, I knew that theology was too abstract for me. But I did try and I was encouraged when I did well in the New Testament and Christology classes. My Diche told me to go to college with the hope that I would go to the seminary for the ministry.

With an instructor and some of my classmates

When I came home from the seminary, the first thing I did was to prepare the necessary papers for college. I enquired and the enrolling officer told me that for someone my age, elementary education is the most practical since teachers have no age limit. I weighed her recommendations and saw the logic in it. I enrolled for the elementary education course. I never regretted the decision. I feel at ease teaching children and from the evaluations I received from them, there’s connection. (All of my pupils commented that they love my class because I made them laugh. So, I’m not only a teacher, I am also a stand up comedian.)

Some of my pupils

I feel famous. One day I was riding my motorcycle when I heard someone shouting, “SSssiiiiiiiirrrrrrrr Gggggeeeeeeeeoooorrrrrgggeee,” I stop. I had to stop. I looked and found my pupils riding in a tricycle smiling at me. All the stress and the tiredness left me on seeing my pupils smiling at me.

I will miss being mistaken for a professor and campus director. I will miss joining competitions and being mistaken for a coach, judge and instructor. I will miss doing gymnastics. I will miss dancing folk dances, modern dance,cha cha etc. I will miss the choral recitations. I will miss my classmates asking advice from me. I will miss classmate asking me what’s the English for this and for that, I will miss my instructors, I will the campus…Old as I am I never thought that graduation could be this emotional.
College Education changed the way people look at me. I am now called sir by some of my neighbors and church members. I used to make fun of teachers but I never realized how they are respected (generally speaking) until I became one.

Now what? I hate to say this but its obvious now, I am meant for the ministry. I may not like it but all indications seems to be pointing towards it. I would be the happiest person if I am wrong but I would also be the happiest person if I am right for it is the greatest privilege to serve the Lord and no one can resist His calling.

Hayyy naku!

On our way home on a passenger jeepney


Jayred said...

George, congratulations!!! This blog post blessed my about answered prayer and faith in action.

I've always wanted to be a full-fledged teacher...pero it never happened. Maybe someday, I'll take a course in preschool education. Who knows?

God bless you in all that you do as you follow God's calling.

P.S. Sa last photo, parang yung daughter mo ang grumaduate...hahaha. She looks pretty tired there.

George. said...

Thanks sa comments Jayred :-)

George. said...

My daughter loks tired kasi it's a one and a half hour travel from Cainta to Morong Rizal and you know how it is like to ride in a jeepney--para kang sinishake!