Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Rain, rain, don't go away....

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DPWH has elevated the bridge and the main 
artery of downtown Taytay but it created a 
worse problem, flooding in the secondary 
tertiary roads.
It's raining hard. Classes were suspended. Done riding in down town Taytay in the middle of the rain checking out the extent of the flooding caused by the monsoon rains.

I had swept the leaves off our front yard, done some bonsai work, fed our two dogs.

Anyway, one of the things I like about riding in the rain is the refreshing feeling of the water running on my face and the sight of raindrops clouding the horizon. 

Also the sight of trees drinking up the water is relaxing. I mean, trees do not literally drink but watching the raindrops falling on the leaves and swaying the branches and leaves sort of give me the anthropomorphic images (whatever that means). 

But the best thing about motorcycling in the rain is the flood. I love ramming through knee high floods with no thought about the motorcycle conking out.  I have confidence in my Suzuki 125 becuase it has never let me down as long as the carburator  and the air intake is not submerged.  

I picked up the classical guitar  and felt sad  that I have forgotten most of what I have learned. Not surprising since I have not touched the instrument for months because it has become painful to play, literally painful. I noticed this about two years ago, first it was numbness in the fingers which made pressing the strings difficult and then my finger joints developed pain which I could only describe as rheumatic. 

Playing the a piece or two is the best I could do before the activity becomes an ordeal. I guess this is because I did not have any formal training with the classical guitar and the lack of knowledge of fingering techniques, and the unsystematic long hours of practice finally took its toll. Well, never been a good player, anyway. No loss.

I am done playing. I thought the long absence would make the pain go away, but there it is again.

I am getting bored and this getting nowhere.

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