Saturday, December 03, 2016

MMFF movies and no Enteng Kabisote, Shake rattle and Roll, and Mano Po! My Gawd!

I am not really fond of Filipino Movies except maybe the bits and pieces of ST movies of the late eighties and early nineties, which due to the testosterone over production, made it irresistible for me and my friends to watch cut and spliced scenes from various ST movies on beta and VHS tapes.  

I guess one reason I never fell in love with our movies is Hollywood, the cinematography. Movies are primarily visual and this is where Hollyood movies are good at. They could produce blockbuster movies about nothing yet sell the movie based on the power of its eye popping special effects and catchy soundtracks.

Growing up watching movies filled with crawling ants and amoebas floating around the screen, which I thought then was OK, instilled in me the idea that Filipino movies were bad, especially when compared to American films.

But despite this, I missed old movies because of the nostalgia I feel whenever I see these old movies being replayed on TV. time travel. But its telling that the Philippine movie industry has no plan to restore or digitally enhance these old movies. 

Anyway, I heard on the news that some mainstream, money making, blockbuster and microcephallus causing movies were off the MMFF's list and instead the festival focused on the artsy, alternative and indie movies. This is an injustice especially to the Filipinos who love these movies, this according to an actor who produced one of the movies. Baahhh, I say. 

But this step taken by the MMFF is telling. I could only theorized that even the most objective member of the festival organizers realized that movies with sequels running into the decades is an indication of  artistic atrophy. How many sequels does it take for a movie to exhaust its logical continuity? How many sequels before it turned into the surreal-mind numbing zone of inanity and insanity? How much lime is there in a piece of lemon?

The formula is simple, if it made money this year, it would in the next and the businessman in these producers have one primary goal, the box office at the expense of artistry and creativity.

I guess the MMFF got tired of this. Anyway these are the MMFF entries:

  • Sitsiritsit
  • Birds
  • EJK
  • Manila Scream
  • Mga Bitoon sa Siyudad
  • Mitatang
  • Mono
  • Passage of Life
Nope, I have no plans of watching any one of these. No PBB yet.

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