Friday, October 07, 2016

So Delima is one hot momma. What's the fuss?

Senator Delima is proving to be one tough lady. She is being tormented by the Duterte administration for her opposition to the president's anti-drug war that has resulted to thousands of death from police operations and other drug related torture and executions perpetrated by vigilantes styled killers. 

She is accused by the DOJ of being part of the New Bilibid Prison's drug cartel where she allegedly asked the gang leaders in the prison facility to sell shabu within and outside the Bilibid complex. Quotas were assigned to the gangs and the proceeds were used to finance her senate candidacy.  

I for one find these accusations difficult to believe. Delima's record in government service is impeccable aside from the fact that she's one brilliant lawyer who, I think, would not stoop to the level of narco-politicking. Another thing, the witnesses being paraded against her are hardened prisoners who will sell their mothers for a stick of cigarette. The prosecutors will need credible witnesses and hard facts to nail Delima down with the Bilibid Conspiracy charges. But the combined attacks of Digong's social media and the House of representative trolls are doing a good job of demolishing the poor senator's image.

Is she guilty? I am not defending her but all the allegations against, which is backed by a bunch of criminals, is not that convincing, at least for me.

There's a new twist to the mob lynching, the sex video.  I have not seen the video but there's a possibility that this  could be edited. So, I cannot judge but granted that the video is true, I guess Delima would, at the very worst, be guilty of engaging in extra-marital affair and at the very least, producing bad porn. 

Her alleged amorous relationship with her driver-body-guard, is, for me, probably true. She has never denied it categorically and the witnesses who corroborated this allegation is a former body-guard who saw the video from Dayan's cell phone.

Delima's hell is just beginning. She still has five years to go. I don't think she'll back down but I hope the President would be true to his words when he said that vindictiveness is not in his system.

Anyway, the thought if watching the video did not even enter my mind. I guess, it's just too...too much even to the imagination.

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