Saturday, August 27, 2016

Free DLL for aliens

No freebie here,.Gotta write your own. I attended the district's MAPEH school coordinator's meeting a couple of days ago and a lot of stuff were discussed, activities and coming events which our corresponding schools need to be aware of.

Meetings, I guess like my colleagues, as shown in the photo, bores the hell out of me. Anyway, one of things discussed in the meeting was the fact that many teachers are downloading test materials, reports, teaching aids etc. from blogsites.

Personally I do not have problem with blogsites that share teaching materials. With the titanic paperwork a teacher has to accomplish, anything that would lessen the load is, for me, very welcome. But I found out that these material being offered by blogsites are not the original works of the blog administrator. The materials are collected works of teacher taken from, I could only guess, DepEd seminars and training because most of them are K-12 prototypes especially the lesson plans.

The FB account of the blogsite is also flooded with complaints from teachers who are surprised that their constructed teaching materials are being offered for download for a fee. Aside from the download fee, the administrator is also earning money from ads. The teachers are crying exploitation.

My guess is these blogs are run by someone in the Department who has access to all these materials and prototypes submitted by demo teachers to their seminar or workshop facilitators or trainers. 


In 2010 I attended the national ICT seminar and one of the things discussed there was the Learning Resource Management and Development System or LRMDS. The program was a portal where teachers can share their original teaching and learning materials and share them to DepEd teachers especially to teachers who have no access to materials in their area. So, technically, or in spirit, these blog sites are doing what LRMDS was designed for except they did not inform the constructors of the materials that their projects will be shared and that they will be earning from them. This is an ethical issue that needs to be addressed by the owners of the blogsites.  

Final bit: unless LRMDS is connected to social media like FB, it will continue to collect cyber dusts and spider webs somewhere out there in outer space, In short, it will continue to be invisible and useless to most teachers.

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