Sunday, May 15, 2016

Banana Smoke

Buying bananas. We love bananas. Going bananas.

I read about this new diet called the banana diet. The dieter is supposed to eat two to three pieces of banana before eating a meal. The idea is to fill the stomach so that when you eat your meal you can only take a small portion. I have tried it but it didn't work. I guess if you want to lose you've got to discipline yourself to eat the right portion.

I have been sneezing these past few days and in my experience frequent and violent sneezing is a sure sign that my asthma is acting up. I guess it's because I had been burning dead leaves these past few days and the inhalation of the smoke trigerred my allergies. I keep telling myself to avoid burning leaves but it's irresistible especially after sweeping the yard. The pile of dead leaves beckons me to light them.

As usual, I took my ventulin via the nebulizer. I have been feeling better but because I would be playing bass guitar with the band in the evening, It was pre,-emptive.

On the stage.
We were on the stage playing and the heat of the spotlight was so intense that the lead guitarist and I were sweating profusely. The glare was also overpowering.

I was shocked when the smoke machine started pumping smoke in the stage. I moved away but the stage was so small and there's no place to go. Anyway, it's a good thing we only performed three songs, about ten minutes.

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