Tuesday, April 19, 2016

792 Km and counting...

This is my bike. I know it's kinda gay but I have been riding this horse for almost eight months now. I bought it using my performance based bonus last September 2015. 

It's Jietebike. I searched the internet  to find out something about the brand but nothing came up. I guess its a Chinese or Taiwanese brand or worse it could be a pirated Chinese brand which makes it a pirated, pirated version of a pirated brand.

It's cheap. The tires wear out like pencil erasers. I have already replaced the tires. The gear shifter is showing wear and tear and its shifting down gear on its own. I guess the shifter's  spring is loosing its tension. But it does its job well. I have grown attached to it. 

Since experiencing chronic knee pains, I have shifted to cycling for my cardio. it was not an easy change. I am overweight and because the weight of my body is now concentrated in one area, in the seat, my butt hurt like hell for the first few days. It was so painful that I had to replace the seat with a comfortable well padded saddle. 

In the long run, I realize why bikes have small seats: the larger the seat the larger the contact point between the buttocks and the leather, the more chaffing. After an hour of non-stop pedaling, my ass starts to feel hot. But since I don't do mountain or distance cycling, I just take a rest for a few minutes, walk a few meters bow legged to dissipate the heat. 

According to the app I'm using, I have already clocked 792 Km since I started recording my rides, this was in February. I guess, if I count my pre-app rides the total distance would be more than 1000 km. 

Cycling has its advantage over walking. It's faster. Hmmm...well in my bike's case, because of the small wheel diameter, it's a little faster than walking, depends on the pace. I could feel the wind. And because the knees movement is circular, there's practically no impact on my knees since my weight is distributed to the wheels.  The effort, on even surface, is forward motion; there's no jarring downward stress on my knees.

One thing about riding this bike is I get a lot of puzzled look from bikers and occasional pedestrians. I could only guess what they are thinking of, they're trying to figure out what my bike's brand is and why the hell am I riding a small feminine bike.

Maybe not...

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