Friday, November 13, 2015

Want some joints? (no, its not about marijuana, it's about my knee...)

Growing a third leg.
I had been feeling a throbbing sensation in my right  knee for years back. It's not really pain but more of a pronounced cardiac pulse. It felt like my right knee was growing another heart. 

I did not think much about it then until my right knee gave out on me while I was walking along the school's corridor. The parents who were there were startled and ran to catch me as my knee buckled. Good thing I did not hit the floor face first, I was able to grab a concrete column and regained my balance. That was a first. I have never experienced something like that before even when I'm lifting or carrying heavy objects.

Having a weak knee connotes old age. Rheumatic knee is identified with septuagenarian grandparents who have worked their butts off working the rice field.  I told myself that I was too young to have rheumatism or gout or what other ailments the joints acquire as one gets older. I'm still in my early forties and most rheumatics I knew were men in their sixties up. I still got a decade or two, I told myself. But, come to think of it, i'm not that young anymore, too..
Ouch! Invoking all the
the supernatural and supra-
natural entities to help me
 ease the pain. Well, that's life,
it's quite selfish to expect
a miracle for my knee when there's
so much sufferings in the world.

The throbbing in my knee progressed to inflammations and pains that  I had started to walk with a pronounced limp. The pain started to affect my concentration and it deprived me of sleep. It came to a point where I had to take leave of absences, like today. Finally I decided to visit a doctor.

On my first visit, the doctor pinched my knee, asked me stand up, sit down, walk, ran in place etc. He told me I had bursitis.  I was x-rayed and my blood tested. I had high uric content in my blood. I was prescribed a lot of painkillers and tablets for the uric acid and advised to change my lifestyle: exercise, diet and drink lots of water. 

Second and third visit, I was given an anti gout medicine.

But how can I exercise when I couldn't even stand straight? 

Anyway, I was reading articles about uric acid and when I came to the list of food with high uric contents, I told myself: I'm gonna die of hunger.

But the thing about it is when the pain starts to act up, the pain that emanates from the ankle then climbs to the knee and ends in my butt becomes unbearable to a point where I feel myself peeing in my pants, dying of hunger becomes attractive.

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