Thursday, April 04, 2013

Election Trash

I was walking back home when someone reached out to me and gave me campaign leaflets. The man was wearing a vest printed with the picture and the name of the candidate he was campaigning for. He was not alone, he and his cohorts were spaced evenly on the street handing out propaganda.

I looked at the man shook my head and didn't smile back. No, I was not being mean; I was just thinking. A simple calculation of the amount of paper they were holding told that it may have cost a forest, or if they were using recycled paper, the amount of carbon and toxins and energy wasted to recycle the papers.

There must be better ways of campaigning. I have always advocated the use of an environment friendly, energy efficient and healthful means of campaigning. 

Again I am just sharing an idea:

Employ the chismoso and the chismosa.
      Now, this is an idea that cold save candidates millions of pesos. Vehicles with PA system blaring off campaign jingles and propaganda is the traditional and still the most used method of campaigning in the local election. Though this loud, it's not as effective as the chismoso and the chismosas (or it's generic: chismakers). Aside from irritating the voters, it uses fuel, electricity and emits carbon monoxide, and no one really stops to listen to the unintelligible garbles coming from these vehicles.

Photo not mine.

      Chismakers are different. They have many advantages over the traditional methods: they are infectious and voracious. Their operation is house to house and they, like preachers of the past, could assemble pockets of people to listen to their mongering. They are effective carriers of false information that could diminished or even destroy an opposing candidates person.  Anyway...

          I want to see candidates sweeping the streets, cleaning the sewage or unclogging the drainage. For me this is the most effective way of manipulating the people's sympathy. 


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