Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Matrix, Quantum Physics, Principle of uncertainty, Schroedinger's cat...Gutom lang

After watching the Matrix I was dumbfounded for a while. The scene where Neo achieved the level of consciousness where he could see the reality in the matrix in binary numbers, thus achieving a higher consciousness of reality enabling him to suspend or even break the physical laws of existence that governed the reality contained in the Matrix may allegorize actual state of consciousness achieved by individuals through transcendental practice or through their giftedness. Maybe that's how prophets or sages saw reality too.

Even the reality in the Matrix may not be as different as that of ours. In the matrix reality is built upon by programs. It is not so different from ours. Most people still believed that atoms are materials. Of course, this is because the physics still being thought in school is the 17th century Newtonian physics which is governed by deterministic laws. Newtonian physics is also characterized by its materialistic and mechanical view of the universe. But with the advent of quantum mechanics brought about by the theories, discoveries and experimentation on subatomic level of particles, our classical view of reality must change. The Newtonian or the classical view of reality, unfortunately, will be superseded by the new physics. Of course it does not mean that the Newtonian physics is useless; on the other hand, it is still relevant in the study of reality on the large scale or at the macro level of reality but at the atomic and subatomic level, classical physics loses its coherence.

In the schools, it is still taught that atoms are particles. Atoms are pictured as miniature solar system giving the impression that they are solid-materials. But that is not so, atoms behave like a particles but they behave like a wave too.  This is called the wave-particle duality. This has many implications but the most shocking implication of this is that reality or the universe may not be composed solid atomic particles but may be composed of waves or even probabilities-reality may be an illusion-residues. Here is Neo looking at binary figures with the idealist and Cartesian philosophers smiling.

Also another problem that makes quantum mechanics weirder than science fiction is Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. This means that an observer affects reality. It means that just observing realties, we are actually changing it.  An experiment was done on how subatomic particles behave, measuring devices were used. According to our classical understanding of reality, an observed result will be consistent trough out. For example, if ball a moves to point A, given the same parameters like speed, gravity, and friction, would move to the same spot but this is not happening at the sub atomic level. Just by observing the ball, the ball changes its direction as if aware that it is being observed-the observed and the observer have a direct relationship. And each observation produces different results. Thus calculations breaks down here and one can only talk about probabilities and not exactitude. Also subatomic particles may occupy the same space at the same time thus collapsing our classical perception of space-time.

Alternate reality is another area of quantum mechanics that have spurned a lot of sci-fi stories. To put it simply alternate reality is the many world interpretation of quantum mechanics. One thought experiment that illustrates this is the famous Schrodinger’s cat. To put it simply, a cat is put inside a box lace a living cat into a steel chamber, along with a device containing a vial of hydrocyanic acid. It will be killed at a specific time. According to Schrödinger the cat is both dead and alive until the box is opened. But there is also the possibility that two realities may exist, one where the cat is alive and the other where the cat is dead. To stretch it further, it is also proposed that for every choice we make we create an infinite number of alternate worlds or realities. Wooohhhh….

Do not ever think that quantum physics is purely theoretical because most of our technologies now uses quantum principles, look at your computer..

New Physics is exciting though I cannot understand its mathematics yet its hmmmm…implications are profound, freeing us from the deterministic yoke of classical physics. This also provides a more open and harmonizing insight on the relationship between freewill and determinism. Determinism do exist in the macro level of reality where Newtonian laws applies, and freedom subatomic level where the principle of uncertainty rule, or does not rule , or there are no rules at all.

Of course believing in these stuffs, though there are those who believe them and there have been researches and experiments that support one or more of these propositions made by quantum physicist, requires more faith than believing in God.

That is why faith must be deconstructed, criticized and must survive….because in reality, we may all just be residues of probabilities.

Heeee……gutom lang.

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