Friday, April 15, 2011

Hot summer days and Those Young Girls

Summer is already here. The heat is already oppressive but the occasional gusts of wind provide relief. I can’t help but be nostalgic about summer vacation.

Every time summer comes, whenever my friends and I meet together, we have an unforgettable story that we always talk and laugh about.  This may sound embarrassing but since it happened a long time ago, and is now just one of those experiences from our youth that we reminisce with fun and a little embarrassment, I can tell about it without fear of hmmm…judgment.

We were 17 years old then. It was summer. My five friends and I had nothing to do, so we decided to watch a movie on my best friend’s Betamax. Our hormones were still pumping too much libido in us, so we decided to watch a dirty movie by Traci Lords called “Those Young Girls.”

We went to MRJ Taytay and rented the movie to the chagrin of the cute, young lady storekeeper. It’s Good Friday and we were renting a porno movie! Though we felt a little embarrassed, and she looked a little concerned, maybe, about her duty as a Catholic to observe the solemnity and holiness of lent, but still business is business; she gave us the tape.

My best friend and I were Baptists, we knew that it was a major, major sin to watch dirty movie. Though we were afraid of divine wrath, we were more concerned about being caught by my friend's older brother. So, we posted someone by the veranda to act as a look out to warn us if someone came home unexpectedly. We didn't want to be caught watching porno, it would be big trouble for all of us.

We were glued on the hot scene on the TV screen when we heard footsteps. We were surprised because our look out was also glued on the TV that he didn’t notice someone was climbing up the stairs. The unforgettable part was how we managed to eject the tape, threw the tape under the sofa, turned off the TV and pretended that we, the six of us,  were just having a wonderful time talking about nothing. Of course, our silence, the sweaty and the flushed look gave us away easily.  The first thing that my friend’s brother did was to look under the sofa…we scrambled for our lives.

The tape was confiscated and according to my friend…hmmm...His brother also watched the tape. (Of course, I  don't know for sure.)

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Thats hilarious... haha.