Monday, May 04, 2015

People who contributed to Manny Pacquiao's lost to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

I am a Manny Pacquiao fan and like many people around the world and would have loved to see Pacquiao knock down Mayweather on the mat but the fight didn't turn out that way. Instead, using unorthodox tactics Mayweather out danced and outrun Manny Pacquiao winning the bout the other way around, by not boxing. 

I am not an anal expert (or an analyst) but I do have something to say about the fight.

Boxing fans were disappointed because they were expecting explosive pound for pound, fist to fist, gladiator like contest instead what they saw was a hugging contest. Knowing Mayweather and based on most of his fights, he would use his head instead of his fists to win. He feared Pacquiao's speed and punching power so he would not go into a fist fight instead he would his defensive and evasive skills to keep Pacquiao off and using his longer reach would try to land punches and score, nitpicking. This is what Mayweather employed vs. Pacquiao and it worked superbly.  

Manny fought the way he knew, by throwing punches and combinations. He tried his best to corner Mayweather but Floyd was slippery as an eel. 

Though the fight left a bad taste in the mouth, it could not be denied that Mayweather showed outstanding defensive skills that neutralized Manny's fighting style but bored the audience to death.

Anyway, for fun,  I'm enumerating 10 people who contributed to Manny's lost.

10. Mommy Dinosia's prayers failed

Mommy D's prayer is powerful and combined with middle finger pointed at Pacquiao's opponent, the cosmic energy emitted is enough to create a psychic imbalance to create confusion and headache to an opposing boxer.

It seemed Mommy D's cosmic battery was not charged to the fullest. The reason...number 9.

9. Mommy Dionisia's cosmic energy was sucked off by her boyfriend.

Now, I love Mommy D. She's been a good mother to Manny. She went through a lot to raise Pacquiao and his siblings. She has a wonderful sense of humor, self deprecating at times but honest and spontaneous. But this boyfriend thing is bad. Manny loved her mother so much that he tolerated this relationship but it sucked off Mommy D's cosmic energy and she lost focus on praying and directing cosmic energies against Mayweather.

8. Chavit

What do you think? Me, I'm not talking...

 7. Lito Camo's songs

I first heard Lito Camo on radio during the 90's. His earlier songs were Eraserheads rip offs that then later degenerated to novelty songs with double entendre and nonsensical lyrics. He wrote Manny's song but I like the "Eye of the Tiger" better, feral and fierce: mabangis. His new theme song sounded like a marxists, anti fascists a la EDSA Revolution theme...

5. Wrong Jesus

Let's see...

Is it okay to box and then preach?

No, the Bible mentioned running a marathon as a metaphor for our spiritual journey but not boxing. 

Basketball, volleyball, football etc. are all contact sports and their aim is to out wit, out play the opponent by putting a ball in a goal etc.

But boxing is a different contact sports in that its aim is specifically to physically abuse the opponent. It feeds on a person's  animal instinct and this is evident in fights were boxers instintively bite their opponents.

The scripture does not justify this sport though the scripture does mention stoning adulteress to death.

4. The Reverends

Mind you, I am happy that Manny became a born again Christian and a powerful endorser of the movement but then again these reverends should have made Manny realized that boxing and the Bible don't mix. They should have convinced him to stop fighting the day he received the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior and Lord of his life. 

“Manny Pacquiao is THE purpose-driven boxer! His huge heart for God energizes his heart for everything else - his family, his country, his sport, the street kids, and all his fans,” said Pastor Rick Warren.

My ass...   

3. Kim Henares
Need I explain?

2. Floyd Mayweather Senior

This guy sure knew what he was doing. He didn't care what other people say about his tactics yet it won fights consistently: box by not boxing. Philosophical indeed, he has deconstructed boxing!

1. President PNOY

Oil price hike, OFW on death row, Mamasapo Incident, Joblessness, Inflation, Deflation, no love-life, pollution, etc. These are all the president's doing and Manny's lost to Mayweather is also PNoy's fault. 


Because he didn't do anything! That's why.

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