Sunday, April 05, 2015

It's the Chinese!

Chinese consumer goods have been flooding the Philippine market for decades now. They are selling fast because they are colorful and cheap because most of these products are disposable and consumables like plastic pails, basin, slippers, kitchen utensils, cd's  etc.

What is troubling are the products for children's use and consumption like toys and school supplies; products that are always in contact with children through their skin and through their mouth and through the air they breathe. 

 According to environmental groups most of these products, even branded ones and are sold in reputable malls, contain dangerous levels of six dangerous heavy metals--antimony, arsenic, cadmium, chromium, lead and mercury. All known toxic elements that can cause serious harm to humans especially children.
This is old. Worse is coming: there's almost
the certainty that her father could be the next
president of the Philippines!This is a spoof, or is it?

These heavy metals destroy body organs. But in small and controlled doses the  poison would not be felt until later in life and the accumulation of these toxins among pregnant women could produce offspring with developmental problems. This is specially true in the Philippines where most of Chinese products that goes into the market do not pass through proper testing and quality assurance. Its only later that NGO's have randomly checked the level of toxicity of these products and the result of their tests confirm that our children are slowly being poisoned.  


The Filipinos have been buying Chinese products for decades now. Filipino children have been exposed to these heavy metals from their pacifiers to slippers to bags etc. and the accumulation of the toxins and its effect to the intellectual development of our children must be significant and exponential. Is there a government research about this? I don't think so.

Let me get to the point: The Philippines has been gaining recognition as one of the most stupidest (the double superlative  is for emphasis) country in the world. I am not saying this is true in fact I am offended by this claim but to say that there is no truth in this would be playing possum to the reality that the quality of the  our country's leaders especially our senators are going down south--getting worse. 

I remember hearing former Senator Rene Sagisag saying that when he was elected into the senate he considered himself a dwarf, an inferior compared to the former senators Pepe Diokno, Claro Recto etc. And that was Rene Sagisag yet how many of our senator could say other wise? Many of them got elected into the senate because they were famous actors, sports figure etc., and to quote Sen Santiago, they have the epidermis of a pachyderm.
AFP Modernization: Philippine Air Force bought
21 Huey Helicptres. Instead of UH-1H which is an old
helicopter, what was delivered were UH-1D an even
older helicopter.

I think this is part of the Chinese plan to take the Spratlys Island. The CIA or the Chinese Intelligence Agency has been executing this overt-covert operations from decades ago and now they are reaping its rewards: Poison the Filipino electorate with heavy metals toxins at dosages that do not kill them but enough to retard their intellectual development. Then the next phase would be easy and automatic--nincompoop Filipino politicians get elected: taking Spratly Islands is now easy. 

See! How could our National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA our country's CIA) not know about this? 

Hmmm...How could NICA do its job when it has meager budget. 

Anyway..I'm sleepy.

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