Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Regional Presscon

Our campus joined this year’s regional tertiary press conference held at Angel Hills, Tagaytay City on December 9-11. Although I didn’t qualify for the Luzonwide (I didn’t even make it to the top ten lists!), our paper garnered four citations in page lay out design, news page, feature and literary sections.

Rommel, our artist and Kathrina, our Editor in chief, news writer and editorial writer in Filipino, will be part of the representatives of region 4A in the Luzonwide tertiary press conference to be held in February next year at Tugegarao, Cagayan.

What can I say but, what a dismal performance from the oldest writer of the group. Waaahhhhhh!!!!

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Ptr.Vince said...

Hello there!!! Mustana kuya George??? Are you connected in any publishing company???

Well, I might have some materials made within next year. But it needs some editing. Can you help me???